Stratégie de communication digitaleWhat is a digital communication strategy?

The Internet is a formidable economic engine. How to build an efficient digital communication strategy that is a reflection of your corporate strategy?

A series of marketing activities on the Web or an ensemble of technical skills does not constitute a digital communication strategy.

It is important to think digital from the very beginning:

  • At the corporate strategy level.
  • By defining a global vision.
  • By identifying what media to use and how, at every level of the company.

We then create an action plan to implement the strategy:

  • Step by step.
  • In line with the company's different objectives.
  • In accordance with the available resources and budgets.

Domaines d'intervention en stratégie de communication digitaleWhat we do

  • Develop a global vision « us, our market, our ecosystem », from the "as-is" state to the desired state and define the role played by digital media.
  • Build the company’s digital image.
  • Develop the editorial line.
  • Identify the content to develop, in line with the target audience.
  • Define key performance indicators.

Nos atouts en stratégie de communication digitaleOur strengths

  • A team of multilingual specialists in industry, science, technology, marketing, law, finance and international business development.
  • Expertise in marketing and website development to help you build your digital communication strategy.
  • For over 15 years, we have worked alongside national and international firms.
  • Our commitment is as strong as your challenges.